Pastor’s Corner

Pastor Shepphard

Month Two of the New Year!

The interesting thing about the month of January was the substantial rainfall; physically, it was a sight to behold. But, spiritually the Revelation was even more powerful. God began speaking on a Sunday morning in January shortly after the first rainfall. That morning, the rainbow in the sky was literally a block away from the church parking lot!  While in worship, God spoke and assured me that the rainbow ending at the church was confirmation that the promises He had spoken over this ministry were beginning to come to pass.

Then rain, an abundance of rain, hit us in record fashion and continued during this month of February.  Rain replenishes, but more importantly, rain sets the stage for restoration.  To be restored is to return (someone or something) to a former condition, place, or position, or to repair or renovate (a building, work of art, vehicle, etc.) so as to return it to its original condition. I believe February will be a month of restoration. Many of us will return to the state and condition in God that will remind us of when we first received our assignments. The enemy is trembling; even he knows we’re coming!!!
…”I will cause the shower to come down in his season; there shall be showers of blessings.” Ezekiel 34:26
We looking forward to growing together!  It’s a new season at the Temple!